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Shoutout to @Angelica Wheaton for her fantastic advice last week. In just 30-minutes, she provided the tools and insight to help scale a business. She gave me tangible steps to get organized in the upcoming months. Thanks, Angelica!

Angelica is amazing! Any women here looking for business coaching, especially down to the numbers- Angelica is your girl. She can help you with your P&L, pricing, Cashflows and direct you in where your money is worth investing and where you should bootstrap. She offers discovery calls and I learned a great deal from mine.

Angelica kicked ass while attending and networking at business conference

Bookkeeping and tax prep rescue

Angelica and her team caught so many red flags that kept me up at night

Our store was highly disorganized, we had no idea what we started, and with Angelica’s guidance we were able to re-sort and open a larger focused store.

Organized staff, located monies owed, and advised me on operating my company to a higher standard

...has saved us so much money and brought new ideas to the table that we quickly put into effect

Efficient and very productive

A great asset and wealth of knowledge

Highly organized and professional

Created procedures, defined staff roles, and directed operations to achieve our goals in a timely manner' so staff was organized with the policy and procedures that were set into place along with pricing formulas, and placement with retail products.

We had the pleasure of working with Angelica in the midst of a pivotal moment in our business. We were questioning our viability of expansion to a larger location and adding an e-commerce component to our service based brick and mortar business. I think Angelica's greatest asset is her endless enthusiasm paired with real-world knowledge. She just gave me encouragement and a logical plan to achieve my business goals. We will be forever grateful for the time that we had with her and she made an impact not only with our business but to the community that we serve.

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